Tuesday 09 April, 2019
JOE Lawlor has been added to the Pride of the Potteries after former Stoke skipper Jon Armstrong failed a fitness test on his arm which he broke over the closed season.

Lawlor, who is Manchester based rode for Sheffield in the Championship last season along with parent club Belle Vue Colts in the National League and also rode for Cradley back in 2017. The youngster has had some impressive performances around the Chesterton circuit over the past couple of seasons’ and could well be a spoiler.

Potters promoter Dave Tattum commented “Jon (Armstrong) has had a fitness test on the arm he broke over the winter and informed us he wouldn’t be able to take his place and Joe (Lawlor) was an obvious choice and rides well here and I’m sure he may well be a spoiler in the meeting.”

Lawlor will ride at number three in the meeting on Saturday, 7pm.

Riding order: Josh Bates (Leicester), Jack Smith (Redcar), Joe Lawlor (Unattached), Corban Pavitt (Stoke), Tom Woolley (Unattached), Max Clegg (Newcastle/Cradley), Ellis Perks (Leicester), Joe Alcock (Stoke), Arran Butcher (Unattached), Tom Perry (Stoke), Shelby Rutherford (Stoke), Connor Coles (Stoke), Ben Barker (Redcar), William O’Keefe (Unattached), David Walinger (Mildenhall), Luke Priest (Stoke)