Saturday 09 March, 2019
STOKE reserve Joe Alcock will travel to the Isle of Wight in the British U-21 semi-final which will take place at the Smallbrook Stadium on Tuesday 16th April.

The Potters youngster will be looking to qualify for the final at Berwick where the top three riders from the two semi-finals will travel to the Border track where they will join ten seeded riders.

Alcock will need to be at his best coming up against riders such as Ryan Kinsley, Anders Rowe, Jordan Jenkins and Alex Spooner. Alcock commented “It’s a big challenge but one I’m looking forward and feel I’m quite capable of challenging for a top three place as I feel it’s my time to shine and I intend to take the opportunity with both hands.”

Alcock will be at the peak of fitness this year as he travels to Germany to link up with the Team GB under-21 squad where he will be put through his paces and also learn about nutrition and how to deal with other issues at international level. Alcock said “I’m looking to move up to another level this season and I’m delighted to be going out with Team GB as I step up my preparation for the 2019 season. It’s a really exciting time for me and I really cannot wait to get the season started.”

SEMI-FINAL 1, ISLE OF WIGHT, April 16: Ryan Kinsley (Scunthorpe), Anders Rowe (Somerset/Kent), Jordan Jenkins (Kent), Luke Ruddick (Edinburgh/Leicester Lion Cubs), Ben Woodhull (Belle Vue Colts), Alex Spooner (Kent), Jordan Palin (Belle Vue Colts), Joe Alcock (Stoke), Jamie Bursill (Plymouth), Nathan Ablitt (Kent), Connor King (Isle of Wight), Chad Wirtzfeld (Isle of Wight).

SEMI-FINAL 2, SOMERSET, April 19: Jack Parkinson-Blackburn (Unattached), Henry Atkins (Somerset), Jason Edwards (Mildenhall), Joe Lawlor (Unattached), Luke Harris (Cradley), Jamie Halder (Leicester Lion Cubs), Charlie Brooks (Mildenhall), Kelsey Dugard (Leicester Lion Cubs), Sam Bebee (Mildenhall), Macauley Leek (Mildenhall), Lewis Whitmore (Cradley), Harry McGurk (Cradley).

BRITISH UNDER 21-FINAL SEEDS: Robert Lambert (King’s Lynn), Dan Bewley (Belle Vue), Zach Wajtknecht (Swindon/Birmingham), Nathan Greaves (Redcar), Jack Smith (Redcar), Jack Thomas (Leicester), Drew Kemp (Sheffield/Kent), Leon Flint (Berwick/Belle Vue Colts), Tom Brennan (Eastbourne/Cradley), Kyle Bickley (Glasgow/Belle Vue Colts).