Monday 10 December, 2018
STOKE have just one place remaining with the news that the popular Luke Priest is back in Potters colours after missing the whole of the 2018 season due to injury sustained in Stoke’s colours at the end of the 2017 campaign.

Priest said “It’s crazy really what is I would have called a lesser injury has kept me out of the sport for a whole season and yet I’ve had far worse injuries and heeled a lot quicker. I’m really pleased to be back at Stoke I feel it is home for me having spent seven seasons with the club and it’s the clubs I’ve spent most of my career at. I’m really pleased the way the team has been constructed and have to congratulate Tom Perry, Dave Tattum and Caroline Parsons on putting what I feel is a superb team together and I’m really looking forward to 2019 as I really feel we have a great chance of getting some silverware at Stoke in all the competitions we are entered into and I think there will be a real buzz around the place both from the riders point of view and also from the supporters as well and hopefully we can get more through the gate as winning matches gets us noticed. I cannot wait to get around the local radio studio’s and do some interviews and get the club out there, I did quite a few of them back in 2017 and with the other lads local I hope we can not only life the profile of Stoke Speedway but it is also good for us as riders. I really am excited about next season and I’m re-energised and fully recovered and fit so bring it on!!!!!”

Priest who has ridden both in the Championship (formerly Premier League) and National League comes into the Potters line-up on a 4.99 average.

Stoke promoter Dave Tattum commented “Luke is a real team man and is a tremendous rider both on and off the track. He will come into the side as a second string and I feel he will most definitely be pushing the top lads in the team for a heat-leader role and to me and many others he is a steal on the average he is coming in on and we know he is better than that. He does a lot of stuff off the track and is always available for interviews and has been out to school’s in the past and is a great asset off the track.”

PRIEST, Luke Alex James
DATE OF BIRTH: 18 June 1985, Birmingham, West Midlands.
BRITISH CAREER: (2000) Ashfield, Owlerton; (2001) Sheffield II, Boston; (2002) Sheffield II; (2003) Sheffield II, Stoke II; (2004) Newport, Stoke II, Sheffield II; (2005) Stoke II; (2006) Stoke, Stoke II; (2007) Stoke II; (2008) Weymouth, Mildenhall; (2009) Bournemouth, Workington, Mildenhall; (2010) Newport II; (2011-12) Buxton; (2013) Stoke; (2015-16) Rye House II; (2017) Stoke.
NOTE: Priest also appeared for Mildenhall prior to joining Newport II in 2010, but this is not credited in his career record because the club closed down prematurely, with all their matches expunged from the records.
CLUB HONOURS: League Championship winner: 2000 [Owlerton], 2001 [Sheffield II]; 2008 [Weymouth]; Four-Team Championship winner: 2006 [Stoke II], 2016 [Rye House II].
RIDER LINKS: Son of John Priest (born: 5 September 1952, Birmingham, West Midlands).