Monday 03 December, 2018
STOKE have swooped to sign Connor Coles for the 2019 season as the Potters promotion continue to ring the changes at Loomer Road.

Coles, is the Potters second brand new signing by the club for next year and joins the club on a 6.53 average. Promoter Dave Tattum commented: “Connor has a lot of potential and is a steal on the average he is currently on.
"We feel he is more than capable of putting a couple of points on his starting average and Caroline Parsons and myself feel very excited with the team that we are putting together as a club and I know Connor will be a great asset to Stoke and we are delighted to have got his signature for next season.”

Looking towards 2019 Connor Coles commented “I’m delighted to be signing for Stoke and I enjoy riding there.
"Next season, with the team that is being assembled for next year I really feel that we will be pushing for honours and we will be more than capable of gaining for silverware. We are all around the same age and all get on well together.

“On a personal note I’m looking to take the number one race jacket or at least be pushing for it and know I’m capable of putting some points on my average as I’m sure that the other riders in the team will be looking to do also.
"I’m really excited about linking up with Stoke in 2019 as I really feel it is going to be a great season ahead for the Potters.”

COLES, Connor
DATE OF BIRTH: 7 September 1994, Exeter, Devon.
BRITISH CAREER: (2012) Rye House II; (2013) Kent; (2014-16) Mildenhall; (2017) Newcastle, Eastbourne, Isle of Wight; (2018) Buxton.
CLUB HONOUR: National Trophy winner: 2014 [Mildenhall].
RIDER LINKS: Son of Michael Coles (born: 11 August 1965, Exeter, Devon). Grandson of Bob Coles (born: 12 February 1944, Exeter, Devon).