Friday 19 October, 2018
STOKE A.R. Richards Potters host the Plymouth Devils in the Travel Plus National League at Loomer Road on Saturday night, 7pm.

The two teams have already met this season when the Potters came away from the St. Boniface Arena with a point having lost out 48-42 in Devon and the home side will be looking to take the three points on Saturday night as they look to overhaul the Isle of Wight in the league who are 4-points had in the table with the Potters still having 6-points to race for.

The Potters will once again be using rider replacement for Rob Shuttleworth and have drafted in Anders Rowe replacing Tony Atkin, Rowe proved a solid guest for the Potters against Buxton last time out and has become a Loomer Road track specialist and will be once again looking to pile on the points. With David Wallinger in plaster the Potters bring in a second guest in former Potters favourite Chris Widman with Joe Alcock retaining his place in the side at reserve. Arran Butcher moves into the main body of the team as he replaces Adam Extance who has undergone surgery on his knee.

Potters assistant team manager Adam Isherwood commented “We’ve got our injury problems but I feel with the side we have that we are more than capable of getting a victory on Saturday. Anders (Rowe) has become a track specialist around here and Chris (Widman) has done plenty of laps around this place with his stint here at Loomer Road so should get amongst the points and Joe Alcock made a great return from injury against Buxton last time so I feel we should be fine. We of course won’t be taking anything for granted being over confident can come back and bite you on the backside and we have no intention of that happening. Plymouth are also patched up but will be a danger with Ben Wilson who is enjoying his racing once again and scoring well and Richard Andrews has been scoring very well of late and you know what you are getting with Tom Woolley who also scores well around here so we cannot take anything for granted, but we are looking for the win.

Plymouth have their own injury issues with former Potter Ben Wilson coming into replace the injured Ellis Perks and Tom Woolley also coming in for former Potter and Potters asset Tim Webster while the Devils will use rider replacement for Henry Atkins. Richard Andrews has been scoring well of late for the Devils and he will provide good support to Wilson and Woolley. At reserve the Devon side have Macauley Leek and Adam Sheppard.

STOKE: Anders Rowe, Arran Butcher, Rob Shuttleworth R/R, Chris Widman, Max Clegg (Captain), Joe Alcock, Paul Burnett
PLYMOUTH: Ben Wilson, Sam Woolley, Henry Atkins R/R, Tom Woolley, Richard Andrews, Macauley Leek, Adam Sheppard