Saturday 15 September, 2018
STOKE boss Malcolm Vasey believe his Potters side can continue their recent away form by getting something out of the meeting against Eastbourne at Arlington tonight.

The Potters team manager commented “We’ve had two very good away meetings at Coventry last Sunday and again last night (Friday) at Plymouth and are on a high after those performances and they were two that we could have even snatched a victory and I really believe we are capable of continuing that form around Arlington. Max (Clegg) is riding really well as is David Wallinger and Paul Bennett and the others are chipping in those vital points that are getting something out of those meetings because if they hadn’t scored them we’d have come away with nothing and the guests as played a pivotal role also as I’m sure Danno Verge will tonight for us in the number 1 race jacket, and let’s see if we can get another point or even more of the road tonight.”