Thursday 02 August, 2018
STOKE suffered a heavy 60-30 defeat against the Isle of Wight in the Travel Plus National League at the Smallbrook Stadium on Thursday night.

The home side were in command throughout the meeting with Danny Ayres scoring a paid maximum for the Warriors as he chalked up 14+1 and he received solid support from Warriors skipper Scot Campos (12+1) and youngster Tom Brennan who scored 12 points.

Rob Shuttleworth top scored for the A.R. Richards Potters as he scored 10 points while Max Clegg and guest Luke Ruddick scored 7 points each on the fast Smallbrook Stadium circuit.

Potters team manager Malcolm Vasey commented “It was always going to be a difficult meeting especially after the lay off and of course with the changes we’ve had to make, but the lads did everything possible against a side that had been riding regularly and we have to dust ourselves down in readiness for tomorrow’s meeting at Plymouth.”

ISLE OF WIGHT 60: Danny Ayres 14+1, Scott Campos 12+1, Tom Brennan 12, Danno Verge 9+2, Shaun Tedham 8+1, Jamie Bursill 5+1, Chris Widman r/r
STOKE 30: Rob Shuttleworth 10, Max Clegg 7, Luke Ruddick 7, Paul Burnett 2+1, Arran Butcher 2+1, Joe Alcock 2
National League points: Isle of Wight 3 Stoke 0