Friday 22 June, 2018
Stoke Speedway wish to make the following announcement relating to their Knockout Cup fixture with Kent tomorrow which they feel must be postponed as a responsible approach to recent difficulties associated with track material at Loomer Road.

In line with other tracks within the sport it has been difficult to obtain shale supplies this season and this had led to new sources being utilised.

These have so far proved unsatisfactory and having taken advice from a Speedway Control Bureau representative the unsuitability of the material available for use on the track has been established.

Despite efforts to improve the situation the Promotion at Stoke Speedway, mindful of rider safety and the affect of dust for spectators, has taken this decision to allow time for further sources of material to be identified and for the track to be restored to the desired condition.

The management at Stoke Speedway apologise for this hiatus in their racing activities whilst they make every effort to rectify the situation and hope that all followers of Stoke Speedway will understand the difficulties the Club has faced.