Friday 25 May, 2018
STOKE A.R. Richards Potters rider Joe Alcock will be attending Brindley Farm’s ‘Fun day’ with one of his bikes at a market stall on Bank Holiday Monday.

The Potters youngster will be available to meet and greet supporters as well as answer any questions they may have about racing and what it is to be like a speedway rider on race days. There are also opportunities for photo’s to be taken with supporters on the bike with Joe and there will be Stoke merchandise also available for purchase on the day and there will is an opportunity to order other Stoke Speedway merchandise that may not be available at of the event.

There will also be the opportunity for firms that attend the event and local businesses to find out how to get involved with the Potters with sponsorship for air fence panels available as well as programme adverts and various other opportunities to get your business involved no matter how large or small.

Lawrence Fielding of the Carmarthen Dragons and Lynn Statham press officer of the Dragons will also be in attendance to meet and greet and also answer any questions.

Miss Statham commented “It will be a great day out for the family with Joe (Alcock) here from the Potters and merchandise available and supporters and hopefully newcomers that are at the event taking a look and we will be handing out leaflets with the club’s fixtures on it. There are also plenty of other events on also and there is something for all the family and of course you are also able to get a meal at the Brindley Farm public house and we look forward to seeing everyone there and getting the name of Stoke Speedway out to everyone.”